Pink Plastic Pants

  • These high quality waterproof plastic pants are a practical and financially wise investment for adult babies who like to be padded and pampered daily, with extra protection over top!
  • Great for littles who like to age regress to slightly older ages! Designed like a traditional pull up with an elastic waist and adjustable snaps at the side.
  • We strive to provide you with a solution to expensive disposable diapers and pullups!
  • If you want even more protection, you can pad them with diaper liners  for greater protection, and wear them over your cloth diapers for extra leak protection! (You can purchase packages of 3 liners in our shop!)
  • Collect them all and start your adorable and fully reusable nappy and pull-up collection today!


Pink Plastic Pants - ab/dl, abdl, adult babies, baby, baby diaper lover

      Little Space Age-Play Regression Tip: Pair these pink plastic incontinence training pants with a Patterned Adult Bib,  also available in our ABDL shop! 

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