3 Adult Diaper Bamboo Inserts

$34.99 $39.99
  • These high quality 4-layer moisture absorbing and wicking 100% bamboo diaper liners are a practical and financially wise investment for adult babies who like to be padded and pampered daily, without breaking the bank!
  • Offering 100% thick liners that wick away and absorb moisture 10x better than regular cotton. You can pad your nappies with as many liners as you'd like for greater protection! 
  • Bamboo is also very safe against the skin, unlike cotton which can be aggravating and allergenic. 
  • For every reusable adult diaper you have, we suggest having 3 liners on hand for nappy changes throughout the day. 
  • One size fits most adult diapers of ANY size and style! Just place inside, secure your diaper, and then go play without any worries! 
  • One package contains 3 liners!  

Littlespace Ageplay Tip: Pair a cute adult diaper with a genuine Adult Onesie, also available in our kawaii ddlg shop!  

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