• Delivery of a placed order can take anywhere from 5-25 business days depending upon the item and your location. We understand that international shipping can sometimes be slow, but we are absolutely positive that once you receive your package you'll see it was worth the wait! 
  • We do not consider any parcel "lost or undelivered" until after the 25 business day mark. In our experience, items almost always arrive safely. 
  • Occasionally, if purchasing more than one item, we may ship some items separately. Do not fear - your entire order will arrive, even if it's in multiple packages!
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen mail. If you do not have confidence in your postal service, please purchase at your own discretion.  Realistically, mail almost NEVER gets lost. Simply ensure that your address is written correctly, and that you are not moving within the delivery timeframe, and you should have absolutely nothing to worry about. 

Returns / Refunds  / Exchanges:

  • If you change your mind or do not like your purchase, we accept returns within the first 30 days after receiving your order, for all countries that we ship to. 
  • Return shipping will be at your expense if it's a personal matter. (ie: buyers remorse) A refund or exchange will then be initiated when the item returns to us in it's unopened and original condition.
  • A return is not required if there is evidence that the wrong item was sent to you or if your product was damaged/flawed in some way. 
  • If the product is flawed or incorrect, we will immediately reship you the correct item completely free of charge with an upgraded method. Or, if the original item is out of stock, we will refund you in full or offer a gift card for an even higher amount! Satisfaction is our personal guarantee here at DDLG Playground! 
  • In some cases, we may send you a pre-paid return label to return a damaged or flawed product, however, this is rare and we usually won't make you return a damaged or flawed product. We like to make it right without any extra effort on your part! 
  • Please be sure to contact us within 30 days after successfully receiving the item to request a return or refund.
  • Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about an item prior to purchasing in order to ensure your satisfaction.

Cancelling an order:

  • Cancelling an order is usually not possible unless you contact us within the first hour after purchasing, so please purchase with confidence and certainty!
  • We start automatically processing orders within the first 30-90 minutes here at DDLG Playground. We're very efficient, and pride ourselves on that to your personal benefit! 
  • If you still want to cancel an order after it's been shipped, rest assured that you can contact us to arrange a return for a full refund once it arrives.

Model / Customer Demonstration / Feature policy

  • Many of our product photos are of real customers modelling our products! If you wish to be featured on our website as a customer demonstration, all you have to do is tag us in your photo on Instagram, contact us directly, OR send us the photos you'd like us to share and we will add you to the product listing and possibly even feature you on Twitter/Instagram or other social media sites!
  • Similarly, if you no longer wish to be featured on our website or on Instagram, simply contact us and we will immediately remove them for you!
  • Tagging us in a public photo on Instagram will result in a feature either on our website, on our instagram, facebook, tumblr, twitter, or potentially even all of the above! Again, if you no longer wish to be featured, simply contact us and we will immediately remove them for you!