• Delivery of a placed order can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 10 weeks depending upon the item. We understand that international shipping can often be slow, but we are absolutely positive that once you receive your package you'll see it was worth the wait!
  • We¬†do not consider any parcel "lost or undelivered" until AFTER the 3 month mark. In our experience, it ALWAYS arrives, without a single exception. We appreciate your patience! Remember, shipping is FREE (slow), but highly reliable!¬†
  • Occasionally, if purchasing more than one item, we may ship some separately. This is because we ship directly from our manufacturers to save you money, and we use multiple manufacturers. Do not fear - your¬†entire order will arrive, even if it's in two (or three+) different packages!
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen mail. If you do not have confidence in your postal service,¬†please purchase at your own discretion.¬† Realistically, mail almost¬†NEVER¬†gets lost. Simply ensure that your address is written correctly, and that you are not moving within the 3 month delivery timeframe, and you should have absolutely nothing to worry about.¬†

Returns / Refunds  / Exchanges:

  • We ship directly from multiple warehouses¬†that do NOT have a receiving department. As such, we currently¬†cannot offer any returns, exchanges, store credit, or refunds.¬† There is no place for items to be returned to. The only exception to this is IF there is proof the wrong item was¬†sent and/or an item was missing. In this case, we will immediately reship you the correct item, with upgraded shipping, and you can keep the first one completely for free, as a gift!¬†¬†If for some reason the item is now out of stock, we will offer you the choice of a refund or a different item to replace it.¬† We will often even provide you a discount code for all future orders for the trouble!¬†
  • Please ask any questions you may have about an item prior to purchasing to ensure your 100% satisfaction! We¬†cannot¬†offer refunds for sizing mistakes, or any ordering mistakes you may make, which¬†also includes shipping address mistakes when placing your order. Please order carefully.
  • You can only cancel your order¬†within the first hour¬†after ordering, and that's only assuming it hasn't already been shipped. We begin processing orders VERY quickly here at DDLG Playground.
  • Once¬†we place the order with our supplier, we cannot go back. If it's been longer than 1¬†hour since you ordered, it's very¬†unlikely that we can cancel it. So please, don't purchase frivolously!