1. Where's my order?

  • It's on it's way! As stated right your order status page, as well as in the shipping policies, orders can take anywhere from 5-25 business days to arrive.  Most orders arrive very quickly and on the earlier end of that timeframe, while others may need some more time, especially to more remote locations! Nevertheless, they will always arrive, and that's a personal guarantee we make! 
  • Out of thousands of orders shipped around the globe, we've never had a single order not be delivered successfully. IF anything goes astray, we have you covered, no matter what! So in the meantime, just sit back, relax, and let your lovely items arrive in the timeframe given.

2. Only part of my order arrived, where's the rest?

  • It's on it's way! As stated on your order status page, as well as in the shipping policies, most orders will arrive in multiple packages if ordering more than one item. We do this to offer you the cheapest prices and free or nearly free shipping on every order, even if it's only a dollar!  The rest of your order will arrive in due time, within the delivery time-frames! 

3. Where do you guys ship from?

  • We ship directly from our quality manufacturers and suppliers overseas in various warehouses to save you TONS of money on shipping costs internationally! They have access to very affordable shipping prices to every location across the globe, so we pass those savings on to you by shipping directly from them, and charging you nothing at all! 

4. What's your return/refund policy?

  • Since we ship directly from our manufacturers, we currently are unable to offer returns for simple matters of you choosing a wrong size or changing your mind. Please always consult the size charts on each item before ordering for this reason. 
  • However, if your item arrives damaged, missing, or you receive the wrong item, we will immediately reship you the correct item. IF for some reason the item is now out of stock, we will instead offer you a refund OR a different item of your choosing to replace it - whatever you prefer.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen mail. We will always ship to the exact address you provide us with, and we also provide delivery confirmation on 98% of items. If you think your postal system is unreliable, or you've had packages stolen before,  please purchase at your own discretion. 

5. What are your sizes like? Do they fit small/big? 

  • Every single item is different. On each item we offer you an exact and unique sizing chart so you can measure to ensure 100% satisfaction! In general, we suggest purchasing 1-2 sizes up to be safe, but again, every item is a little different and it's best to consult the sizing charts.

6. Can I cancel my order?

  • You can only cancel your order within the first hour after ordering, and that's only assuming it hasn't already been shipped. We begin processing orders VERY quickly here at the Playground to speed things along as fast as possible.
  • Once we place the order with our supplier, we cannot go back. If it's been longer than 1 hour since you ordered, it's very unlikely that we can cancel it. So please, don't purchase frivolously! Shop sober, baby! ;)

7. Is shipping DISCREET?

  • Yes, completely and totally discreet! You couldn't ask for better. No logos are found anywhere. All custom forms will simply say "clothing" or a similar generic term. 

8. How will the credit card charge show up?

  • If you purchase directly with any credit card, it will be completely discreet and only read out as "PLAYGROUND", without the word "D-D-L-G" anywhere in the charge name. Have no fear!
  • However, if you purchase through Paypal, the charge on your transaction list on the Paypal interface will show up as as our full business name. 

9. Where's my tracking number?

  • Has more than 10 days passed since you placed your order? Then it's right on your order page. You can access your order page anytime by using the links provided in both your order & shipping confirmation emails. If you don't see those email, check your spam folder. 

10. My item isn't tracking, why?

  • It probably is and you likely are not using the correct site to track it with.  Parcels will NOT show up in local systems like USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, etc, until the final days of it's journey.  In the meantime ALWAYS use Cainao to track your items first, or you can use 17Track if cainao is down. 
  • If you are using the correct site to track, then your tracking number may have been changed and the new one is not updated on your order page yet. Just give us a quick email and we will immediately correct it for you. 

11. I didn't get an order confirmation email? 

  • If you actually placed an order, you absolutely did receive an email - it's automatic. If you're not seeing it, it's likely in your spam or junk folder, OR, you may have made a typo on your email address. If you think you made a typo when you checked out, just contact us via email and we will immediately correct it for you and resend your order confirmation. Rest assured that your order will be processed like normal whether you made a typo or not.

12. My card keeps getting declined, why?

  • Is it a prepaid visa or mastercard GIFT card or a regular bank debit card? We do not accept either of those card types directly.
  • If you want to use a debit card or gift card, you will need to link that card to your paypal and pay through paypal that way.
  • If it is a regular credit card with no issues,  please be sure there is enough available credit on your card to support the payment. Do consider any currency exchange that may be required if you use a currency other than USD. (our site's checkout is in USD currency).  Also ensure that all your information is correct, including your billing address (which can be different than your shipping address) 

13. My tracking hasn't update in ages, why? 

  • It's VERY normal for it not to update for several weeks at a time while it travels overseas, passes into customs, and gets registered into the local system. It is expected, and correct. It is the largest part of it's journey and it does ALL of that silently. The good news is, the next time it updates again, it will likely be very close to delivery.