12 Ways To Feel Little While Outside The House

Ever wish to be little whilst in a world surrounded by adults? I think we’ve all been there before, but no need to fear! Here is a list of ways to still feel in touch with your little side while out and about. 


Use Some Stickers

Honestly, everyone is a fan of Stickers They are a cute and inconspicuous way of staying in touch with your cute little self. Stickers can be used to decorate all kinds of items such as your calendar, laptop, phone case, water bottle, etc. 


Wear A Cute Backpack or Purse

Bags & Backpacks are always a fun but practical accessory to an outfit! They’re also an easy way to hide any of your little items you need to carry around on a day to day basis. Bags can be accessorized with keychains, enamel pins, and ribbons to appear more cute! 


Sport Some Fuzzy Socks or Cute Socks

I don’t know about you, but wearing cute patterned or fuzzy socks makes me feel adorable and little. Especially if they are knee high socks. So put on some cute anime, dinosaur, rainbow, or unicorn socks before you leave the house!


Bring Little Items With You

Keeping a paci and/or stuffie with you, tucked away in a bag, can help ease your mind while you’re at work or going into a stressful situation. Just the peace of mind it will bring having them with you will make any day ten times better! 


 Fix Up Some Cute Food For Lunch

Cute food will put a smile on anyone’s face and they’re super easy to make! Take a sandwich and use a fun cookie cutter to make it a cute shape! Maybe even grab some fruit and add chocolate chips to make faces on them! Such a sweet but delicious treat! 


Utilize A Tumbler Bottle

This idea might seem like a bit of a stretch, but it’s one of my favorites. A tumbler is basically a giant sippy cup! Plus you can always find lots of cute Disney and colorful ones just about everywhere. Tumblers are also pretty popular so no one will question you having one. 


Wear Fun Nail Polish 

Now, not every job out there allows nail polish, which is no fun, but for those of you who can wear nail polish, get crazy with it! There’s a lot of cool and new tools on the market for nail art and tons of tutorials on YouTube! A personal favorite of mine is to do rainbow nails. 


Bring A Coloring Book

Coloring books have become more and more popular amongst people of all ages! They’re a great way to de-stress and have some fun! So don’t feel shy when you’re out and about, just grab out your coloring book and color. 


Wear Oversized clothing

Naturally, wearing clothing that’s a few sizes too big makes you feel smaller. As a little, it gives you a fun opportunity to feel free and have flappy sleeves to wave around. Wearing oversized clothing is a great way to stay comfortable, still look cute, and feel little! 


Listen To Disney Soundtracks

Whether you’re trying to listen to music while getting work done or just relaxing, popping on some Disney songs will brighten anyone’s mood! There are so many great Disney movies out there and each has a unique soundtrack with plenty of songs to listen to. There is Disney music for just about anyone. Plus this is great alternative for when you can’t watch the actual movie, but are able to listen to music. 


Wear A Onesie Under Your Clothes

Wearing your onesie all the time is super comforting and allows you to feel like a cute little baby all the time. Wearing it out and underneath your other clothing is a great way to still continue feeling little but keeping it a secret! 


Wear Cute Accessories 

Wearing cute accessories that are either made by you or feature your favorite character or tv show is a great way to still feel small while getting adult tasks done during the day. Enamel pins are a great idea because they can be worn on your clothing or backpack but anything that adds some extra oomph to your outfit is the perfect accessory! 


Written by: TheLittlePrincess04 (Click to view her personal Tumblr blog!)


No never wear your onesie out. I got in trouble for that n called a pedophile. I went viral on TikTok and reddit (r/publicfreakout) not a good idea, the other ones tho good ideas

Raven Gekko Kolenda October 18, 2022

I love ddlg

Caz October 18, 2022

I love the support systems I’m finding. Amazing content I wouldn’t otherwise have an outlet to. This has been important for me.

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