50 Date Ideas for Little's and Their Caregivers

Here are fifty date ideas for little's and their caregivers.  These activities cater to all kinds of scenarios based on preference, season, and weather. These ideas are also perfect for a little who is feeling big or small. There are five activities to accomplish in each category!

Animal Lovers

Calling all the animal lovers! This is the list for you! Time to go hang out with your favorite fluffy or scaly friends. Maybe even get your photo taken with some if you visit:

  1. Your local animal shelter to volunteer
  2. An aquarium
  3. The ocean to scuba dive
  4. A pond to feed some ducks
  5. The zoo


Autumn is the time of year where everything is changing, especially the leaves! Whilst it is great to embrace change as it comes, it’s also nice to relax and enjoy the never-ending traditions that come along with the season such as:

  1. Going for a hayride
  2. Picking a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch and carving it
  3. Trekking through a haunted house
  4. Visiting an orchard and picking apples
  5. Walking through a corn maze

Group Date

Trying to plan group dates can be hard when everyone has different interests and ideas. There is no need to panic, here is a great list of activities that almost everyone will enjoy!

  1. Arts and crafts class
  2. Backyard BBQ
  3. A bonfire with s'mores
  4. Concert
  5. Game night


If the outdoors is not your cup of tea or you are looking to enjoy a long-awaited night in, here is the perfect list for you! Time to activate your relaxation mode and:

  1. Bake cookies
  2. Build a fort worthy of a movie marathon
  3. Enjoy a coloring and crafts night
  4. Have a nerf gun war
  5. Make dinner or dessert together


Now, not everyone enjoys the great outdoors for various reasons and that is totally cool. Although, for everyone who does, here is a special list of things to do whilst becoming one with nature!

  1. Bike ride
  2. Fishing
  3. Hiking
  4. Star gazing
  5. Visiting your local park

Out of the House:

Being stuck inside can be a real bummer if you have no other option. So, if you have time to venture out and do something, go for it! Whether it be a short or long trip, it will be worth it to visit:

  1. An art museum or any type of museum
  2. A bowling alley
  3. Build-A-Bear
  4. The Crayola Experience
  5. A sports game


What’s not to love about spring?! There are baby animals being born, flowers blooming, and no more gloomy weather! Everything comes back to life in spring so enjoy it! Here is a small list of activities to complete before spring changes to summer!

  1. Color Easter eggs/ have an Easter egg hunt
  2. Mini golf
  3. Pick berries
  4. Picnic
  5. Plant a garden


There is plenty of reasons to be happy in summer, mostly because of the beautiful weather. The sunshine provides us with lots of Vitamin D and opportunities to spend time outdoors doing activities such as:

  1. Eating ice cream
  2. Going on a road trip
  3. Swimming
  4. Visiting a local festival
  5. Watching a drive-in movie


Just being with your special someone is always amazing, but traveling to a location where it is just the two of you is a match made in heaven. Some fun and exciting places to visit are:

  1. The beach
  2. A campground
  3. Disney
  4. Ski resort
  5. Water resort


Although it may not be the most loved season, there is never a shortage of activities to do in the winter, especially when it snows. So, grab your fuzzy socks, jacket and special someone to enjoy:

  1. Building a snowman
  2. Constructing a fort
  3. Having a massive snowball fight
  4. Ice skating
  5. Sledding down tall hills

Written by: TheLittlePrincess04 (Click to view her personal Tumblr blog!)

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A few other ideas would be to start a drawing together! Picking flowers, always remember to take photos to remember your dates, walking on trails in the woods, learn a fun new subject together (how to draw, types of flowers) something you’re both interested in, Build a small project together! (Me and daddy are making a wooden toy box)!
Also I love your website! So happy to have found that y’all give advice as well besides selling clothes. Thank you so much 💖

@nl.im.baby June 10, 2020

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