Puppy Play Mask

$44.99 $49.99
  • This cheeky 100% vegan leather puppy mask is perfect for kinky cuties who like to embody their inner canine with high degree of realism!
  • With a traditional wolf / puppy dog profile this mask is highly realistic!
  • Full corset lace up backside adds an element of seductive charm!
  • Punk rock inspired studs and rivets adorn this play mask boasting of inspiration from traditional bondage and bdsm aetshetics!
  • Can be used in the bedroom, or as a unique cosplay / costume! 
  • Fully adjustable to fit almost all head sizes!
  • Includes a padded and locking blindfold eye mask that's built in.
  • Full zippered mouth!
  • Made of only the highest quality material, this mask is perfect for any puppy at heart! 

Pro Kawaii Fashion Tip: Pair this black leather puppy mask with a Matching Leash, also available in our shop!

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