Pink Innocence Lingerie Set

$59.99 $69.99

Embrace Your Playful Side with the Pink Innocence Lingerie Set

  • Adorable Kawaii Charm: Draped in the sweetest shades of pink, this lingerie set is the epitome of kawaii culture, perfect for those who adore cute and whimsical fashion statements.
  • Elegant Lace Detailing: Delicate lace graces the edges, infusing an air of elegance into this playful ensemble, making you feel like a girly and dainty princess.
  • Girly and Flirty Touches: With soft frills and decorative bows, the Pink Innocence Set elevates girly allure to a whole new level.
  • Dainty Accents for Your Inner Babygirl: Silver heart charms and tiny crosses add a hint of babygirl innocence, ensuring a look that's both sweet and chic.
  • Perfect Combination of Style and Comfort: The soft lace ensures comfort, allowing you to embrace both style and ease in your loungewear.
  • Mix of Innocence and Sophistication: Whether you're lounging at home or aiming to impress, this set balances baby-like charm with sophisticated lace details.
  • Versatile and Unique: Ideal for special occasions or as a treasured piece in your collection, this set is as unique as it is versatile, easily paired with accessories to match your mood.

Get ready to indulge in the Pink Innocence Lingerie Set, where kawaii meets elegance, and every detail speaks volumes of a girly, dainty aesthetic with a whisper of lace.

Size S: Underbust: 62-86 cm Cup Height: 14 cm Waistline: 64 cm Length: 22 cm

Size M: Underbust: 66-90 cm Cup Height: 15 cm Waistline: 68 cm Length: 23 cm
Size L: Underbust: 70-94 cm Cup Height: 16 cm Waistline: 72 cmLength: 24 cm

Size XL: Underbust: 74-98 cm Cup Height: 17 cm Waistline: 76 cm Length: 25 cm


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