Magic Glass Wands

$34.99 $39.99
  • These majestic handblown glass magic wands are a must have in any princess bedroom artillery!
  • You'll want to display these sweet pink glass wands proudly, and nobody will know the difference - they're so aesthetic. ;) 
  • Made of high quality, non-irritating, genuine hand-blown glass that is perfectly and deliciously smooth!
  • We love these for photoshoots, bedroom decor, and general innocent fun in addition to naughty bedroom play! 
  • Inspired by sailor moon and card captor sakura, baby! 
  • Gorgeous pink toppers featuring your choice of hearts, cats, stars, or moons! 
  • Save a HUGE amount by getting the complete set - you'll get an entire wand for free PLUS an extra $5 on top of that. 
  • Size: Roughly 20.8cm (8.19'')

      Littlespace Ageplay Tip: Pair these gorgeous glass wands with  Matching Pink Handcuffs,  also available in our kawaii ddlg shop!  

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