Little Fox Sippy Cup

$14.99 $19.99
  • This little baby fox inspired sippy cup is perfect for little boys and girls wanting to show off their smol and cute age regression side while being beyond adorable!
  • A great alternative to traditional baby bottles with nipples! Perfect for "toddlers"+! 
  • Available in 4 beautiful colors of your choosing: Purple Yellow Pink & Blue!
  • Has a cute functional top that flips up and down to reveal a lovely little straw to sip out of! A cute and practical touch.
  • Secure handles means you'll have a great grip on this cute bottle.
  • Made of quality 100% BPA free and SAFE materials to drink from! Environmentally conscious!
  • Holds approximately 250ml of any beverage of your choice.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • High quality design!     

Pro Kawaii Fashion Tip: Pair this cute water bottle with a matching Pacifierto complete your age play look, also available in our shop!  

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