Blooming Butterfly Lingerie Set

$37.99 $49.99

Introducing the sassy and seductive Blooming Butterfly Lingerie Set, designed to make hearts flutter and pulses race! Indulge in a whimsical world of butterflies with this playful ensemble. Check out its fabulous features:

  • Fur-trimmed mesh & lace butterfly embellished bra top: Feel like a captivating creature with the delicate lace, alluring mesh, and adorable butterfly details that will surely take your breath away.
  • Cute matching 3D fabric butterfly embellished skirt: Flutter around with confidence in this flirty skirt, adorned with beautiful fabric butterflies that seem ready to take flight at any moment.
  • Cute matching panties for under the sheer lace skirt: Slip into these comfortable and stylish panties, designed to be the perfect complement to the sheer lace skirt. Get ready to reveal your hidden treasures!
  • Available in two enchanting colors: Choose between the mysterious allure of blue or embrace your inner royalty with a regal purple hue.

Step into the world of Blooming Butterfly Lingerie Set, where butterflies, skirts, and lingerie come together in a delightful dance of sensuality and charm. Don't miss your chance to unleash your inner butterfly and captivate all who behold your beauty! 

Size Bust Under-bust Waistband
S 31.50-35.43 28.35-32.28 24.41-28.35
M 33.07-37.01 29.92-33.86 25.98-29.92
L 34.65-38.58 31.50-35.43 27.56-31.50

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