Best Buds Enamel Pins

$12.99 $14.99
  •  These kawaii best buds enamel pins couldn't be more perfect for all you gorgeous ganja babes! 
  • Get high with a little help from your friends! These are even better than the best friends charms of your childhood because, hey, there's weed involved!
  • Nothing brings you closer together than good music, good food, and a joint to share.
  • Each heart half is 0.75" tall and 0.5" wide and they fit together perfectly. A clever pun for friends who love to smoke together, this is a perfect gift idea! 
  • Made of a quality zinc alloy, with gorgeous detailing, in a lovely heart shape and durable backing, it is sure to impress!  

      Littlespace Ageplay Tip: Pair this cute marijuana stoner inspired enamel pin with a  Matching  Pair Of High Life Leggings, also available in our kawaii ddlg shop! 

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