Baby Buckled Bodysuit

$39.99 $49.99
  •  Introducing the Baby Buckled Bodysuit: your gateway to the world of naughty yet deceptively innocent fashion!
  • Dive into the pastel goth vibes with this jet-black adult onesie adorned with seductive buckle straps.
  • Show off your midriff in style with a daringly large opening that teases just enough.
  • The word "baby" in enchanting gothic pink on the chest adds a touch of innocence to your naughty side.
  • Attached panties complete the look, making you feel irresistible and daring.
  • Perfect for those who embrace the quirky and unique ddlg fashion trend.
  • Get ready to turn heads and make a statement in this playful yet sexy outfit.
  • Unleash your inner desires while maintaining a hint of innocence.
  • Ideal for those who love to blur the lines between cute and sexy in the most mischievous way!
  • Elevate your style with the Baby Buckled Bodysuit and embrace your inner temptress.
  • Available in Black or White!


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