Baby Blue Bunny Cosplay

$47.99 $59.99

 🌟 Introducing the "Baby Blue Bunny Cosplayy" – Hop into a world of cuteness and playfulness with this kawaii-tastic latex bunny cosplay set! 🐰💙

✨ Features:

  • Corset closure: Easy to wear and flaunt your bunny curves.
  • Bendy Bunny Ears: Match your mood with these adorable blue bunny ears that can bend in any direction!
  • Peekabooo Heart: Unleash your playful side with a cheeky heart cutout on the stomach, because bunnies love surprises too!
  • Tie Collar Necklace: Adds a touch of sophistication to your bunny ensemble.
  • G-String Backside: Embrace your fluffiness with a cute and comfy G-string.

🎭 Perfect for:

  • Bunny Roleplay: Transform into the ultimate bunny girl and embrace your inner playful spirit.
  • Cosplay & Costume Events: Stand out in the crowd with this unique and eye-catching ensemble.
  • Anime Adventures: Bring your favorite anime fantasies to life with this adorable bunny cosplay.

Size: Length 60cm,Bust 100cm

🌈 Dive into the whimsical world of "Baby Blue Bunny Cosplayy" and let the bunny magic begin! 🐾


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