Baby Bear Jumper

$49.99 $59.99
  • This precious hooded suspender corduroy baby rilakkuma bear jumper is made of high-quality thick cord material, with adjustable suspender straps and adorable baby bear ears on the large flowing hood.
  • You'll feel like a youthful kawaii princess ini this gorgeous little jumper dress!
  • Embrace your little side and sport this instantly cute complete outfit!
  • Inspired by traditional corded coveralls from your younger years, with a kawaii twist. 
  • The oversized large hood adds charm and makes you feel so smol & cute!
  • Available in 3 lovely sizes, all of which fit relatively SMALL! Please order 1-2 sizes up and always MEASURE FIRST to be sure!  :)
  • S  -    Skirts Length  43 cm   16.7  inch      Strap Full Length   58 cm      22.6  inch      Waist   69  cm   26.9  inch   
  • M  -  Skirts Length    44   cm    17.1   inch      Strap Full Length   59 cm      23.0 inch     Waist   73  cm   28.4  inch 
  • L  -   Skirts Length  45   cm    17.5   inch    Strap Full Length   60 cm      23.4 inch     Waist 76  cm   29.6  inch 

rilakkuma bear corduroy dress suspender straps hooded cowl cord jumper romper dungarees dress abdl ddlg young youthful abdl dd/lg playground

Littlespace Ageplay Tip: Pair this kawaii rilakkuma jumpsuit with a matching Rilakkuma teddy bear, to complete your age play look, also available in our kawaii DDLG shop!  

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