Traditional Pleated Skirt (up to 3XL)

$29.99 $39.99
  • Satisfy your need for a perfect school girl skirt with a cute variety of color options and plus sizes up to 3XL!
  • Made of quality fabrics and materials, this artisan pleated skirt takes influences from traditional kawaii and fairy kei fashion! A must have staple.
  • Holds the pleating well over time! 
  • Possibly the sweetest school girl style skirt ever made for everyday wear!
  • The first time you try on this skirt & white you'll immediately feel like the little pink princess that you are! 
  • Available in dozens of colors! 
  • Fits SMALL so please order 1-2 sizes up and MEASURE first to be sure!   

Pro Kawaii Fashion Tip: Pair this cute skirt with a lovely matching pink & purple crop top, also available in our shop! 

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