Sleepy Baby Baskets

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  • Kawaii Perfection for your Little One: Introducing the "Sleepy Baby Plushies," an adorable lineup of stuffed animals nestled in 26x20x10cm baskets. This delightful collection captures the essence of kawaii & youthfulness with its ultra-soft, plush designs, ideal for both little ones and adult collectors alike.

  • Sanrio Sweetness: These plushies showcase beloved Sanrio characters, each cradled in a beautifully decorated basket. The attention to detail in the floral embellishments and pastel tones enhances the cute factor, making each piece a charming display item or a cuddly friend.

  • Perfectly Proportioned: The compact size of the baskets makes these plushies perfect for display on a shelf or desk, adding a touch of whimsy and softness to any space. The manageable dimensions also make them ideal for gift-giving without the worry of taking up too much space. (26x20x10cm basket)

  • Soft and Safe: Crafted with the highest quality materials, these stuffed toys are designed to be soft to the touch and safe for users of all ages. The plush fabric and secure stitching ensure long-lasting durability and comfort.

  • Ideal Gift Option: Whether for a birthday, holiday, or just because, the "Sleepy Baby Plushies" are a perfect gift choice for fans of kawaii culture, Sanrio characters, or anyone who loves adorable décor. Each plushie comes ready to charm in its own unique basket, complete with character-themed decorations.


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