What Is DDLG?

DDLG is an acronym that stands for “Daddy Dom Little Girl”. DD/LG is a type of BDSM relationship where the dominant partner takes on the role of a nurturing OR strict caregiver (ie: Daddy), while the submissive takes on the role of a youthful “child” (ie: Little Girl).

DDLG relationships involve the submissive age-regressing to a younger and more child-like state of mind, while giving up some degree of control, and allowing themselves to be “taken care of” by their dominant partner

 This is also referred to as ageplay, and goes hand in hand with the ABDL community, which is an acronym for “Adult Baby Diaper Lover”.

There are many different variations of DD/LG relationships that swap genders and roles accordingly, and they each have their own acronyms as well!

Below are a list of different takes of the classic DD/LG relationship:


  • MDLG: Mommy Dom Little Girl
  • MDLB: Mommy Dom Little Boy
  • DDLB: Daddy Dom Little Boy
  • TDLB: Trans Daddy Little Boy
  • TDLG Trans Daddy Little Girl
  • TMLG: Trans Mommy Little Girl
  • TMLB: Trans Mommy Little Boy
  • CGL: Generic term for any Caregiver & Little relationship


The most all-encompassing term for this nurturing relationship between a dominant and a little is “CGL” or “Caregiver-Little”. For continuity though, we will be using the term DDLG in this article, since it is the most well-known term for caregiver/little relationships, and is often assumed to encompass all forms of BDSM relationships regardless!

In using DDLG as a generic term we are NOT excluding any of the other beautiful gender variations within this kink community, and we believe all littles and caregivers are special and valid!


What does a DD/LG relationship look like in practice?


Some couples prefer to keep their DDLG relationship private and exclusively for intimacy in the bedroom, while others incorporate it into their daily lives all day long.

Some couples often prefer to only have a DD/LG style relationship that is non-sexual in nature, which is often used therapeutically to heal childhood trauma and to reduce stress and be “taken care of” and nurtured by their caregiver. This is often referred to as simply "age regression" "ageplay" or "regression therapy".


No matter how or when you choose to explore this wonderful connection with your caregiver, it is always rooted in the concept of giving up some degrees of control as a submissive and letting your dominant (Daddy/Mommy) take care of you, make decisions for you, play with you, and give you the freedom to express your “little side” freely, safely, and comfortably to your own preferences!


Some fun activities and roles you may see in a DDLG style relationship that are non-sexual in nature are:


  • A  caregiver may make up beneficial rules for the little to abide by. Often they are rules that look out for the best interest of the age-regressor. For example: A bedtime hour, reminding them to take their medicine, no swearing rule, using your manners by saying please & thank you, implementing a limit on the amount of snacks/candy they can have, having daily tasks or chores like making the bed, and so much more!
  • A  caregiver may have punishments such as taking toys away when they are “bad” or “bratty”, or withholding one of their favourite activities (sexually or non-sexually). 
  • A caregiver may brush their little ones hair,  help them go to the “potty”, brush their teeth,  assist them in getting ready for bed, and tuck them in for bedtime.
  • A little may wear diapers or pull-ups and enjoy being changed by their caregiver.
  • A little may watch cartoons with their caregiver, or having their caregiver supervise them while they play with toys and stuffed animals.
  • A little may call their caregiver “Mommy” or “Daddy” accordingly, and speak to them in a child-like way.
  • A little may use an adult pacifier, which may be taken away when their “bratty” with their caregiver.
  • A little may draw or color in colouring books to make pretty pictures for their caregiver.
  • A little may dress youthful in adult onesies or cute coveralls or cute tutus for their caregiver, or to help them get into “little space.”
  • A caregiver may take their little one to the county fair, parades, playgrounds, or to toy stores for fun, and to help them age-regress further!
  • A caregiver may give their little one a bath with bath toys and bubbles!


There is no end to the fun activities you can do in a dd/lg  relationship, and you’re only limited by your imagination! There are no hard and fast “rules” as to what you can or can’t do - whatever helps the “little” get into “little space” and age regress is what it’s all about! As long as you’re not hurting anyone, or subjecting anyone to your kink in overt ways, play on!


What is “littlespace” exactly?


Littlespace is a term used to describe the headspace or “frame of mind” an age-regressor gets into that allows them to feel more youthful, child-like, or “little”. It’s the “mood” a submissive creates when they are acting and exploring their “little” side.

Often, the dominant caregiver helps the little reach this headspace. Littlespace helps the age regressor revert from their daily adult life full of adult-sized problems and stresses, into a more care-free, problem-free, youthful state of being! For this reason, ageplay is very healing and nurturing, especially for littles who have a lot of daily stresses, or high-powered careers or jobs.


So is DDLG really considered a “kink” even if it’s non-sexual?


DD/LG and all of it’s equivalents are often considered a kink because it is largely associated with the kink community known as  BDSM. (Bondage Discipline Sadism and Masochism).

However, in our experience, we have found that there are SO many more people within this community that have absolutely no association with the kink community, and are often  innocently participating in DD/LG style relationships for therapeutic purposes of age regression and exploring their creativity and youthful side, often with a caregiver who only helps them explore that side even more!

With that said, it’s important to understand that even though you may not participate in age regression or “age-play” in a kink or fetish manner, there are still so many long-standing associations with DDLG to BDSM & kink communities. As such, it’s important to be cautious and protect minors from exposure to kinks and fetishes through your age-regression or ageplay, even if you may not be participating in it sexually . For this reason, DD/LG should always be considered an 18+ community, even if your ageplay isn’t sexual in nature.

Even more considerably, since age regression involves fully-consenting adults participating in youthful or child-like acts for innocent fun, this also makes it even more important to protect ACTUAL children from getting mixed up with this community! Adult sexual predators may target this specific community because of this reason, and prey on actual children who have mistakenly associated themselves with an adult kink! It is absolutely critical to keep minors out of kink! #NMIK (No Minors In Kink!).


What about “Petplay”, isn’t DDLG similar?


It absolutely it is! In fact, many littles end up exploring petplay as well. Much like DD/LG, pet-play involves a master or dominant partner that interacts with their little or “pet” in a way that helps them explore their more animalistic side. This may be kittenplay, puppyplay, bunnyplay, ponyplay, or any animal you may choose to embody!


There are so many similarities to petplay within DD/LG. For example, the pet will often have rules and punishments, just like a DDLG style relationship.  The pet often plays with toys and wears petplay gear that helps them feel more like the pet they are! The pet may also wear a collar, often with a leash, that asserts their submissiveness and ownership by their master.


Occasionally pet play may involve pet cages and pens, “walking” them on a leash, and petting them like an animal! Like DD/LG, there’s no real limits other than your imagination, and what feels best for you personally! Like age-regression and ageplay, it can be a very healing and therapeutic practice as well to give up control and let your master nurture and care for you.


What’s so kinky about this then?


Although many people explore age regression and CGL style relationships innocently, sometimes they do cross into more kinky territory with consenting adults.

For example, when a little is being bratty or naughty, they may get punishments such as spankings, floggings, or gentle whipping with a cute paddle. (Hence the associations with BDSM and S&M). A caregiver will often have a whole Arsenault of kinky sex toys and gear to role-play with in the bedroom!

A little may be denied orgasms, or be sexually teased as a punishment.

They may not be able to touch themselves without “Daddy” or “Mommy’s” permission.

In the bedroom, the little often takes a traditional submissive role forcing them to “obey” their caregiver, and do exactly what’s asked of them. (Note: Punishments and expectations shouldn't always stay within the submissive’s comfort zone - open and honest communication about one another’s limits and boundaries should ALWAYS be used in any relationship, but especially in a kink or fetish associated dynamic)


What about ABDL? How is this different from the “Adult Baby” community?


It’s not! The primary difference is that DD/LG implies age regression to ANY age, which may not be a baby age. A little might only age regress to 6-12 years old, in which case, they often do not use diapers or pacifiers like the “adult baby” community does! They may just like to color, play with dolls, and be a little bratty and child-like with their caregiver. There’s also a term for older littles known as “middle”. This often implies an age regression between the ages of 6-12 respectively. As such, they’re often referred to as “middles” rather than “littles”.


DD/LG also implies a specific role of a caregiver or dominant partner to regress with, while ABDL is a term for any adult who regresses to a baby-like age often without a caregiver. They may choose to only regress alone in private, wearing diapers, adult onesies, and using adult pacifiers on their own. They may or may not have a partner who explores this side of their personality with them.


What if I want to explore ageplay WITHOUT a caregiver?


There’s absolutely nothing stopping you, baby! In fact, most littles start out exploring all on their own. They invest in some super cute adult onesies, pacifiers, diapers, and adult bottles. They watch some cartoons like Paw Patrol, My Little Pony and Care Bears. They color and play with toys and stuffed animals! You can do whatever your heart fancies!

You don’t actually need a caregiver to age-regress and let off some steam! In fact, we highly recommend letting go and exploring your little side in the comfort of your own safe space first to see if it’s something that resonates with you.

We actually have a fantastic article featuring many valuable tips to explore little space all by your yourself here!


What if I decide I want to find a caregiver though?


Often times, your current partner may be more open to the idea of you age regressing than you might think. If you are already in a relationship, try exposing them to some DDLG or ABDL content on youtube or on Instagram. Show them shops like DDLG Playground and look at some cute items like onesies, tutus,  and pacifiers together.  See how they react.  Get a feel for how open they are and if they like the idea of you wearing some kawaii stuff!


If they’re close minded and shut you out, then you know they are not the right fit for you and we highly suggest moving on to someone more nurturing to your personal needs and desires! We would never suggest specifically seeking out a “Daddy” or “Mommy”, we think it’s equally important to find someone who matches your adult expectations, needs, ambitions, and general life-goals first! If they’re right for you, they’ll be more than happy to explore your littlespace and nurture you in the ways you desire.


So where can I find cute but affordable ageplay, ABDL, and DDLG gear that also ships discreetly?


You’re in luck, baby!  DDLG Playground is a MASSIVE superstore containing over a 1000 different types of clothing, accessories, and kinky gear within the Ageplay, BDSM, Petplay, ABDL, CGL, and DDLG space.

DDLG Playground is hands-down the largest and top-rated store within this space, and for good reason! From tail plugs to pacifiers, kawaii fashion to latex fetishes. Petplay to Diaper Lovers. They seriously have it all!

Plus they ship 100% WORLDWIDE and completely for FREE, everywhere! The shipping is also 100% discreet. No logos. No revealing words for what’s inside. Completely safe, secure, discreet, and completely internationally!

What are you waiting for baby? Let's get into littlespace! 


Thanks for this article. I just recently divorced and have been exploring my fetish / kink side that my ex fought to suppress over the years. I found that I enjoy the power dynamic of DD/LG but was concerned that it would lead into the realm of pedophilia. I am not attracted to minors in any way but I didn’t want to inadvertently open doors that could be perceived to potential partners that I am. The way you articulated the ins and outs of DD/LG put me at ease and boosted my confidence that I’m exploring something healthy and with the right partner, mutually beneficial. Thank you.

Jerry Norton October 02, 2023

I what a great intro article for DDLG. You really captured the nuances of our lifestyle

I just wanted to point out that age regression may not go back to early childhood. My DDLG lIttle regresses to a mid term teenager. This then links into Japanese Kawaii styles for clothing so we are able to express our lifestyle in public.

We live this both indoor and out so we are full time in our lifestyle. DDLG gives us greater freedom compared to mainstream BDSM in terms of expression in public. l

We are a DDLG lolita hetro couple but my little is BI so I explore that with her.

My littles punishments are sexual not physical. These can take the form of extra homework in anal training, deep throat or enduring forced orgasns

The thrill is the Daddy – Daughter age difference dynamic and the guidance control for the sub rather than obedience.

Itt should be noted this is a softer submissive role where, just as teenagers do, she does break rules and can disobey in a rebellious wsy. The Daddy role is not all controlling, more pulling her back into line withn his rules when she goes too far.

There are so many flavours of DDLG that you can explore So feel free to make your ifestyle uniquely suited to your own personas

It is up to you and your partner to find regression age that empowers the emotional relationship. The caregiver has the word care at the start for a reason.

We open our relationship and playground for others to explore with us. If you are interested to explore this lifestyle and see how we function, we are open to give advice and offer training in DDLG Lolita if this can help you.

This was a great article and I hope this inspires others to explore this wonderful age dynamiced ifestyle.

Daddy Myungu October 02, 2023

I greatly appreciate the content of your page. As I’m a 35 year old urinary incontent diaper lover daddy and my fiance and I are still pretty new to us trying to experience just how little she feels or wants to be.. And yes we both wear diapers.. But I’m the only one in diapers full time.

Tyler Creek the diaper lover daddy March 06, 2023

Thank you for giving a good beginner explanation of the ddlg lifestyle. I’m very new to this, but I just want to be the best daddy for her as I can. This has been super informative for me. I was hesitant at first as I wasn’t entirely understanding. But I wanted to be there for her, found this article and it has given me some true insight into the true nature of this kink and how to approach the situation. Thank you.

Rhees March 06, 2023

Thank you for giving a good beginner explanation of the ddlg lifestyle. I’m very new to this, but I just want to be the best daddy for her as I can. This has been super informative for me. I was hesitant at first as I wasn’t entirely understanding. But I wanted to be there for her, found this article and it has given me some true insight into the true nature of this kink and how to approach the situation. Thank you.

Rhees December 14, 2022

Oh wow these comments warn my little heart… I’m so happy to see daddies on here looking to become the best they can for their little girls!!! It’s beautiful 🥹 lucky lucky girls!!

Meeks October 18, 2022

Oh man this article was exactly what I needed to start learning how to be the best daddy I can be for my princess. Her ex was just garbage and made her work all day and cook and he was just a man child but now she knows she has a man who loves and cherishes her every single step and I promised her I would do my research after kissing her goodnight ( tonight was the first night we really spoke in depth about this ) and I am ready to honor the trust she has bestowed upon me. (sorry big theater kid here haha) and yeah thank you so much for giving me some inside knowledge to help me be the best partner I can be for the best woman in the world

Paul May 06, 2022

This article helped me understand why I keep catching myself saying something or doing something I would do a a kid. I’m happy to see it’s ok. But I know my family and my other half wouldn’t understand this and it is so tiring to hide it when I just want to slip.

Stephanie May 06, 2022

I went from a divorce with a very aggressive, money-hungry wife to finding a wonderful, loving, caring and non-confrontational woman. I’m a retired Army pilot so I’ve always worked in the world of regulations and regiment. The woman I found, and am about to marry, is the LG. I had no idea what she wanted when she asked if she could be my little girl (I call her Baby Girl because it sounds cute). It’s sexual but it’s also our daily life. She is a full-time nurse and has a stressful career. She had a bad divorce as well years ago from a controlling peckerhead. She needed someone to lower her anxiety and I happily stepped in but also fell in love. She is my world. I wish I met her earlier in life. Anyhow, I’m learning my role as the DD but also helping her as the LG. As a military career officer I’m instinctively a person who wants to protect others. I will do anything to protect and provide for her also respecting her and making her my princess. She needs to be a little girl to “get away” from our crazy world and I’m going to make it happen for her. Do I find this crazy? Absolutely not! We live in a world that is challenging and rapidly changing; it’s hard to keep up. If someone that I love came from a terrible relationship; has a stressful career and needs to retreat to that little kid she was before…I’m supporting it!

Rick January 28, 2022

Reminds me of Japan! 😋

Jack January 28, 2022

I love knowing this article has helped some littles out there. Life is hard and I’m thankful for this site . finally others will be able to explore who they really are without judgement.

Rusty November 09, 2021

I love reading blogs like this because they honestly make me feel so safe and understood. I remember being 12 and realizing that something was off about me. That what I viewed as “romantic” wasn’t the normal vanilla mindset. But as I’ve gotten older and found this community I realize that it’s okay to feel like a Little Girl at heart. A little girl who wants (and finally has) her Daddy.

Imani November 09, 2021

Hi Playground Team,

I love your site. The products are super cute and the information you provide is very helpful. Thank you :). It would be lovely if you could add a wish button so I could keep an eye on the items I would like to buy in the future.

Many thanks and kind wishes,


Lavanna B November 09, 2021

Thank you for this! It seems like a lot of people have this kink. A lot of women get turned on from having an assertive guy to take care of us! Definitely therapeutic for those that did not have a good childhood!!

Katniss November 09, 2021

good post like it

ahsann November 09, 2021

My mom would infantilize me negatively if I showed any childish behavior, leaving me with CPTSD and a fear of being caught doing regressive behaviors like sucking my thumb.

I likely won’t go completely into a DDMG, but at least it seems like a good community just to get away from the stigma of using self comfort you had in childhood. I played Nintendo a lot as a kid, so that really helps too.

I think I had a needed to grow up too fast kind of a childhood. Also I know this will never happen but if I found a daddy like David Spade OMG YES!

Jackie November 09, 2021

Um, hi, this article seems super sweet and I’m all for ddlg but I just thought I’d let u know u misused the term age regress. I age regress and I’m also into this too but they’re not the same. Age regression is a coping mechanism and I first saw this website/page while I was regressed and it triggered me. Triggers in age regression is anything that can cause u to feel overwhelmed or feel negative. When one age regresses they are quite literally a child, it’s something the mind does to protect itself, but yeah quite literally a child when regressed. I’m sorry if this seems mean I just wanna let u know.

Just thought I’d let u know I’m really sorry

J November 09, 2021

Omg I thought I was strange! Reading this article made me feel relieved, knowing similar ppl exist. As I’ve become an adult I feel like I’m more childlike some days & more matured/adult-like on others. I also have a desire to let go, submit & be protected & another desire to be willfully defiant. Now I know there’s a space to comfortably explore this part of me!

Saniya June 27, 2021

Thank you, I’ve learned a lot from this information. I didn’t know that I’m normal. I always thought I was just strange but now I’m embracing it. I’m a little and I’m trying to get my daddy to understand. We have it naturally so I should just enjoy being a little. Thanks again 😊👍

Lydia Hocking March 21, 2021

Hi! Great article, just wanted to let you know that there’s a typo that says the punishments SHOULDN’T always be in the sub’s comfort zone but I know you meant should. If you’d like I would be happy to review this to fix any typos just bc this is a really important article for people looking into ddlg 😊

Shay October 11, 2020

I would like to join the playground


I want to start a Little group site in MEWE. Any tips on how to build it an run it?

Daniel January 27, 2020

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