Girl Power Tee

$27.99 $37.99
  • This cute little girl power t-shirt is the perfect gift idea for littles and kawaii cuties to show off their inner strength and feminist side!
  • With the words "girl power"  in cursive written in a sweet heart, this cute feminism tee is pure perfection! 
  • Made of soft quality fabric that feels good against your skin.
  • Girl power, baby!
  • Empowering women to know that it's entirely okay to be cute and innocent AND a feminist! 
  • It's okay to be a submissive AND a feminist. 
  • You can proudly speak about  feminism  while participating in traditional gender roles simultaneously! You are STILL valid. You are STILL a feminist! 
  • Available in sizes up to 3XL! It does fit small so please measure first and choose a size or two up!  

Pro Little Space Tip: Pair this cute girl power tee with a Matching Cuterus Feminist Enamel Pin to complete your little bun pet play look, also available in our shop!  

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